The Jet 3 Ultra is an entry level powerchair for clients needing indoor mobility from A to B without the complications of prescription seating for postural support.

The J600 from Pride brings together performance, expandability and stability in a compact mid wheel drive package.

The Q600 from Pride brings together performance, expandability and stability in a compact mid wheel drive package.

The Q1420 is a heavy duty mid wheel drive powerchair that has been designed from the ground up to cater for the most demanding users, whether they require off road performance, longer range or greater weight capacity.

The Q1650 mid wheel drive powerchair is able to take the heaviest weight clients and is built specifically for larger people while still offering the drivability expected from Quantum range of powerchairs.

The R4000 from Pride delivers a phenomenal ride and performance in a rear wheel drive package that can accept a full range of powered functions.

Designed for when compromise is not an option, the Q6000Z sets the standard for mid wheel powerchair performance across even the toughest environments.

The Q610 provides all the benefits of Pride's Quantum powerchairs in a compact mid wheel drive powerbase, allowing the lowest possible seat to floor height.

The Skippi is a fun rear wheel drive powerchair for active kids who like to get out and about.

This R400 rear wheel drive powerchair is a cost effective solution for people who need powered positioning in a hassle free package.

Thanks to an ultra-compact mid  wheel drive design, the Jazzy Select powerchair is an ideal choice for anyone looking to navigating their way in and around the home, out shopping, or scooting down to the park.

Featuring a compact mid-wheel-drive frame, the Jazzy Select 6 benefits from having all six wheels on the ground for maximum stability, and utilises 6" castors both front and rear to make curb climbing and crossing a breeze.

The Jazzy Select 14XL is the obvious choice for those wanting all the manoeuvrability of a mid-wheel-drive powerchair indoors, but who also want some additional grunt to tackle whatever outdoor terrain may stand in their path.

The innovative R4 offers the standard features of a powerchair necessary to meet the demands of daily life while delivering easy portability.

The R40 is a highly-versatile powerchair capable of handling the tightest of environments indoors, yet offering all the performance outdoors that you'd expect from a full-size rear-wheel-drive powerchair.

The Pride Jazzy 600 provides excellent performance and

maximum stability. Its compact design and standard ATX Suspension allows it to excel indoors and out, making it a superb, all-around power chair choice.