4 min 45 secs in length

Easy to Manage, Easy to Use, the Invacare Lynx takes you everywhere, notably when space is tight. It simply fits in the boot of a car and leads the way to a relaxing drive

The Invacare Leo provides the definitive blend of a safe comfortable ride, solid trusted design and secure manoeuvrability.

The Invacare Horizon is an affordable mid sized scooter with an extra strong frame that can comfortably handle up to 135kg. It can travel up to 40km at 8km/hr.

With a focus on safety and reliability, the Pegasus is equipped with multiple features to ensure a safe and easy ride.  The Invacare Pegasus gives you freedom of independence.

The Invacare Comet is packed with features that offer you a safe, fast and enjoyable ride. The Invacare Comet is a stellar solution for your transportation needs.

New to the Invacare Comet family, the Comet Alpine version offers improved traction and a larger motor, ideal for challenging outdoor uses.

The Invacare Comet HD is  renowned for its safe, fast and enjoyable drive.

This rugged outdoor vehicle is ideal for users weighing up to 220 kg. This powerful scooter will take you to your destination in the most direct and secure way.

Auriga (Discontinued)

Meteor (Discontinued)